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About Shenyang City University

About the University

Shenyang City University (SYCU), approved by the State Ministry of Education, is a full-time higher education institute providing undergraduate education. SYCU, originally known as Technology and Engineering College of Shenyang University, was founded in 2001. SYCU is located in Shenyang Green Island Forest Park, covering an area of more than 700,000 square meters with building area of 220,000 square meters. SYCU now offers 35 undergraduate programs covering 7 disciplines including Science, Engineering, Humanities, Law, Economics, Management and Art to the current 8,000 registered students from the national enrollment target areas of 18 provinces. The university now has 12 education units, including School of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, School of Architecture and Civil Engineering, School of Economics, School of Hospitality Management, School of Accounting, School of Language and Culture, School of Internet Application, School of Television Media, School of General Education, School of Physical and Aesthetic Education, School of International Education and the Education Department of Fundamental Studies.

Talents Cultivation

Based on the analyses of current social and corporate post requirements for university graduates, SYCU has defined accurately specifications for training applies-type talents in different fields. To this end, SYCU has created a practical teaching system, characteristic of serving closely the social, corporate and industrial needs. Curriculums are aimed at cultivating students’ practical abilities with high efficiency; course of training simulates the actual situation in relevant industries. In addition, curriculum building has been given unprecedented importance; teaching innovation and assessment reform are encouraged in order to develop students’ transferable skills, potential for continuous education and career self-promotion. The seamless connection of university education with employment has become a trademark of SYCU.

International Communication

As an emerging university in the context of education globalization, SYCU is committed to going international, advocating that all undergraduate students should have at least one international study tour in the four years of study. SYCU has been actively enhancing exchange and cooperation with universities in countries where education is highly developed, including the US, UK, France, Australia, Japan and South Korea. Such friendly relations allow a wide array of exchange programs, including student exchange, mutual credit recognition, double-degree programs, BS-MS programs, overseas internships, summer camps in the US and UK, etc., to enable students from different financial backgrounds to broaden their international vision and gain international experience.

Excellent Teaching

SYCU believes that a faculty with high academic qualifications is the warranty for students’ success and a major step to becoming a first-class application-oriented university in China. SYCU conscientiously implements faculty development programs, in which a number of teachers are dispatched to study overseas while renowned experts and scholars form other universities are invited to give lectures. Owing to the unceasing efforts in the last 10 years, the university now takes pride from a teaching staff excel both in teaching and practice, and with rational title structure, age structure and teacher-student ratio. The university also upholds such professional ethics for teachers as loving, devoted and good at teaching.

Professional Construction

School of International Education takes the language and culture spread as strategic core. The school established multidisciplinary integration, combined with Bachelor’s Degree programs, non-degree programs, full-time training programs, short-term training program and the complex subjects of professional models. The talent cultivation system is developed in line with the national strategy and international demands for Chinese language and culture. School of International Education has successfully raised the level of education, from offering only language training to providing a wide range of bachelor programs.

Shenyang City University is entitled to grant Bachelor’s Degrees on such subjects, including Chinese Language and Literature, Computer Science and Technology and other majors. Education of Shenyang City University answers to the global demand for applied talents. Students are not only proficient in spoken and written Chinese but possess a solid foundation of specialized theoretical knowledge. With a grasp of Chinese culture and China’s national conditions, the students are competent to do the related work.

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